Our Staff 교사 소개

As a learning community, the school places great value on interaction and cooperation between staff, students, parents, administration, and the wider community.
학습 공동체로서, 학교는 교사, 학생, 학부모, 행정실, 그리고 더 넓은 공동체 간의 상호 작용과 협력에 큰 가치를 둡니다.

Remarkable Faculty

Experienced and committed professionals!

Our Teachers are dedicated to collaborative approaches to ensure a developmentally appropriate and seamless teaching and learning experience for our students from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

대광화 교사들은 학생들이 1학년부터 12학년까지의 적절하고 발전적인 학습 경험을 보장하기 위해 협력하고 있습니다.


Kim, Chun Ming
Kim, Chun MingPrincipal of International Department
Sin, Hyung Joo
Sin, Hyung JooEducational Advisor
Hong, Wang Ui
Hong, Wang UiVice-Principal of International Department
Diao, Wen Ling
Diao, Wen LingDirector of Administrations

Student Inspired Events

To be pre-eminent educational community of globally minded learners and leaders.

All the News that are relevant for Weihai Daguanghua International School in China.

중국 위해대광화국제학교 관련된 행사 안내

2019학년도 봄학기 학사일

February 25 @ 08:30 - July 5 @ 12:30

방학식 2019학년도 봄학기

July 5 @ 09:00 - 11:00

방학특강(4주) 2019년

July 8 @ 08:30 - August 2 @ 17:00

Weihai Daguanghua International School 위해대광화국제학교

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