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2019 Weihai English Presentation Contest


2019 Weihai English Presentation Contest 1. Introduction : Since 2015, every year the International Department of Weihai Daguanghua International School holds an English Presentation Contest to improve students’ English proficiency and provide an opportunity for evaluation by presenting a specific topic in English. It is an opportunity to hone English skills and to make improvement thru the guidance English-native teachers. After fair evaluation by professional judges, the presentation winners with the opportunity to receive awards and scholarship benefits. This event is organized by Weihai Daguanhua International School and sponsored by the Weihai Korean Society, Ai-shim Womens Association and Korean-Chinese [...]

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2019년 가을 운동회


2019 Sports Day 체육대회 2019&20학년도 가을학기 '체육대회'가 9월 30~31일에 운동장에서 진행되었습니다. Inquiry 문의 제1교무실(중등) : +86.631.578.5677 제2교무실(고등) : +86.631.578.5077 행정실 : +86.631.589.9955 한국사무소(서울) : +82.2.736.3332

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